Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Smell of New Books...

Ahhh. the smell of new books... the joy of brand new pencils and brand new erasers. Makes my heart skip a beat. (Seriously it does, I am quirky like that.)

I am beginning my fourth year of college Saturday. Technically it is my senior year, but due to hour classifications I just miss the requirement and I am classified as a junior. That is okay. I am perfectly fine with that aspect.

Little bit of writing going on?
This semester has me both overly excited and balled up into a tangled up mess with my schedule. I will be finished with all of my core classes after this semester. YA!! However, that means it is time to get down to the nitty gritty in my main classes. Which, because I am a Web & Print Journalism major with a Professional Writing minor you might guess that there could be a little bit of writing involved in the last three semesters of my college career. This makes me excited. Yet nervous.

In prior classes I have been able to dominate with my ability while not putting forth a whole lot of effort. I know this semester while REQUIRE me to work ahead of time and to put forth GREAT effort. It means I will need to study and that I will need to not procrastinate. Plus I need to not get caught up in my one core class that does not involve writing. While I do need to put forth effort, there is danger of me falling in love with it too much. My fourth class this semester is Astronomy, it has always been a fascination for me. 

So, for those interested. My schedule:

Online Classes this semester are...

Feature Writing (Half Semester)
Astronomy & Astronomy Lab

On Campus this semester are...

Technical Report Writing (M W F)
Expository Writing (M W F)

As I said, lots of writing. I know it will involve me doing lots of research too. As I said, I am excited and nervous. Plus the Tech Writing professor has an opportunity that sounds intriguing. I just can not wait to get the syllabus for the classes.

Have a good day!