Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: A Halflings Rescue

A Halflings Rescue
A Halflings Rescue by Heather Burch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this series by Heather Burch. They are written well for the young adult genre. Halflings are half angels and half human, not necessarily an original concept but not lame either. Honestly when my husband saw I was reading it he thought it was possibly part of the D&D interest.

This book is the third, technically. There was an introduction 11:15 The Making of a Halfling, this introduced us to the series and the characters. The first full length book Halflings, and then to this short. This short really has very little to do with the story as a whole, it is more as a filler to keep or generate more interest in the series. That said, I believe it has done a good job at that.

A Halflings Rescue is where the team comes together and basically works as a crime fighting group and rescue a teen celebrity. There is drama. There is intrigue. There are 'hotties'. The writing is strong. The characters have personalities and they don't get in the way of the story. The only concern might be is if you have not read the two prior books there is reference to existing issues that might confuse the reader. This will not distract you from enjoying the entire story though.

In A Halflings Rescue the team discover important information about Mandy, a starlet that is being held hostage. With the information in hand they go to the authorities and quickly find themselves in the midst of the rescue operation. Things get complex quickly, the question is are they able to pull off a rescue without anybody getting hurt? Read the story to find out! Hey, it's FREE, why not?

One of the biggest criticisms I have read about this series is that the 'angels' are to pretty and it has tones of 'Twilight'. The issue with that is that these books are based on biblical accounts of angels and in that instant, they are beautiful. I look at it as they are attractive but not to the point that EVERYBODY is swooning over them. Other than that, this series is YA, that is teen. The series is written for entertainment.

Read this one and the other two, then get Guardian.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

So Many Directions!

This school semester has me excited. I was very concerned that having three writing classes would drive me insane, and it still may by the time finals get here, but right now I am enjoying it.

Each class is very different from each other.

Technical Report Writing is focused on the ins and outs of writing reports and doing projects. The focus is become efficient at writing the reports that will be needed in a professional environment. The benefit of taking this class and the benefit of being a Professional Writing Minor is that regardless of what career I pursue, I will be able to write virtually any report that would be needed.

Expository Writing or as the professor is lovingly calling it Advanced Composition it is as it is called. This class is concentrating on the way we write an essay, specifically we are writing about the Shakespearean Sonnets to develop our writing skills further. I look forward to this as I love Shakespeare. I look forward to diving in to the essays.

Feature Writing is writing feature articles for a newspaper. My topic has leaned towards advocacy and congenital heart defects. Knowing my heart and passion on this I am excited to use the education to benefit the awareness of a topic I love.

The thing is, while all three classes seem to be going in different directions they are actually working together. Each class has something that can be used in the other. Thankfully at the moment the classes are working together instead of against each other.

Now if only the forth class would benefit the writing classes it would be perfection.