Friday, April 25, 2014

Children's Spring Pictures

 As a photographer, we occasionally get that one individual that really does not want to cooperate with us. The key is not to expect a photo that can be placed on Vogue or whatever else magazine that you can think of. When I take photos, my desire is to capture the personality of the individual. 
This guy is absolutely adorable. He is a bundle of energy and is nothing but a walking miracle. (I may be a tad bias.)  He hates having his picture made. In fact, when it is time for school pictures he typically has a scowl on his face. The scowl is why I was blessed to take his picture, I have the time to work with the child.

 Older brother is a ham. He loves his picture taken and will pose all day long if you let him. There may be problems once he is older. He is a cute fella' and was absolutely ecstatic to be climbing trees for pictures. Of course, at 10, who wouldn't want to climb a tree? My problem was convincing him we were finished.
This guy is a veteran. He knows what pose he wants and is ready to get it done. A no-nonsense type of guy. Ready to be an adult and take on the world, but still happy to climb some trees. Like his brother, having fun is important. I enjoyed doing their shoot.

The three boys were entertaining and enjoyable. I can not wait to see them again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Photo Sessions

I still have openings if you would like to take advantage of this special. You can also purchase the package now, before April 30, 2014, and use it within six (6) months. Message me for more information!

Spring Pictures!

How has your spring been? I have been able to get a couple photo sessions in.

This post is featuring Ms. +Maryann Walker. She was looking for casual pictures that captured nature and her personality. MaryAnn is a laid back individual that loves nature. I am also happy to report that she likes them. I enjoy the opportunity that I have to do photography at the local state park. There is always a perfect backdrop for any picture that is desired.