Sunday, October 31, 2021

October 31, 2021 - What will come?

 For the last 20+ years, in some fashion or the other, I have at least attempted to complete NaNoWriMo. Keyword attempted.

Last year I was doing really well with As It Comes Together until I happened upon an old project that I tweaked and published. (Advent: A Journey of Preparation) This year I am returning to another project that has been in the works for a long time. Read, lots of research, and should be fairly simple to pull together. Also read, help I need prayers that I will FOCUS.

I am seriously hoping that the focus will be there and I complete I Call Him Lord at least in draft form.

So, here it goes. NaNoWriMo 2021!

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P.S. Keep an eye out for an announcement this week!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday Featured Photo 10/28

 It's that time already.

This week I was hard pressed. I didn't take that many photos. But I have found one that I really do like.

Autumn trees

While the photo doesn't quite grasp the vivid color, it does highlight the autumn change. I love taking photos in the fall, the colors tend to pop and look like paintings.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Mayhem... or not?

 Did everyone have a good weekend?

I tried to unplug over the weekend. I know that the insanity of November is quite literally just around the corner. You may ask what I mean by insanity, well of course mean National Novel Writers Month. I have participated in some way for 20 years. (Maybe 21) I haven't always won. I don't necessarily have evidence of my efforts either thanks to not learning about backing files up until too late.


Halfmoon Double Tail Betta
Anyhow, as I was saying. I tried to unplug. It was nice. Working on the organization of my office some more. (It's about time, it's been a year.) I did adopt a new pet. Those on Instagram probably saw the picture. He's beautiful. (I said I tried to unplug ;)) Still working on a name for him. The boys think Dave is a good name. I am thinking Muse. He is a Halfmoon Double Tail Betta. Isn't he beautiful?

I almost got a Stars and Stripes as well that was iridescent purple but felt that adding one would be an adjustment. Maybe after we get the routine down for taking care of this guy I will add another. Or not. We will see.

Halfmoon Double Tail Betta
The question then is why a fish? right? Did you know that the simple act of watching a fish swim around in its environment is relaxing? My goal for my office is for it to be a relaxing environment that exudes peace. Nature is peaceful for me. Worship music is peaceful for me. Meditation on scripture is peaceful for me.

What do you do to relax?

This doesn't sound like mayhem to me. For that, I am grateful as this week is starting. I am finishing this post up as I am getting ready to get my morning exercise in before I go to work. 

Remember that what you put out there will come back. As this week gets off, I pray that you find peace. Jesus is my peace, is He yours?

Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Featured Photo 10/22

 I take a lot of pictures through the day/week/month/year. It's one of those things that helps when I am wanting to describe something later in a book or story. So, on Friday's I will share one of my photos that I love. 🥰

Purple clematis on cedar Fence

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Current Writing Projects

I have three main projects I am currently working on along with shorts and other things. I figure I will share a little about them. Note that just because this is what I share today, it does not mean they will remain. Writing is a glorious journey that takes one down many different paths.

I Call Him Lord
I Call Him Lord 

The first one I am sharing is a project that I have worked on over the last several years. I would do research and work diligently on it and then get distracted. It is nonfiction and about God. In the book, it will delve into who God is to us.

This project I am throwing as much focus as possible to currently. I hope to have it written in its entirety by the end of the year so it can go through edits and all this spring. Hoping to publish in May.

The cover may change between now and then, I'm not sure. I like this one right now but depending on how the end product of the book speaks, it may need to change.

Current Status:: Researched and Outlined

As It Comes Together
As It Comes Together

For the next project, those of you that have followed me for a while may remember that I was working on this one through NaNoWriMo 2020. I got quite a bit done and then I got distracted. I will finish it, but I need to put some more research into it and develop the characters some more. The intent is for As It Comes Together to be a stand-alone novel.

While there is some romance, it is a supernatural mystery. The main character works in a private investigator's office and, well... she learns more about herself as the mystery unfolds.

Current Status:: Researched, Outlined, Draft Started, Shelved 

Wanderer: A Kamama Story
Wander: A Kamama Story

Again, this one has been lulling around for quite a bit. Initially, it was just going to be a short story. As the plot has been developed and the main character developed, it will be a series. How long of a series, I am not sure. I will have substantial work completed before a publish date comes forth. (I hate reading a series that has years between novels, I want to know what happens.)

The Kamama are beings that have traits normal, or average, people do not. They are gifted. Not everyone has the same gift, either. One may be a seer, one a traveler, one a healer, and so forth. They have an amazing story that I can not wait to tell.

Current Status:: Researching, Character Development

Monday, October 18, 2021

2021 - The year that has gotten away.

 It's October 18. 



Where has this year gone?

I mean sure. There have been struggles in the personal and family life that directly affect the productivity of the professional life, and I believe that family should always come first. But... OCTOBER? 18th?

Seems like this time last year I was full of hope and dreams and... ya.

We all know what 2020 and 2021 have been like. No matter who you are and where you live you have been affected. I pray you are safe.

Moving on.

I have found myself in a position where I can focus more on my pseudo-hobbies while still working at my place of employment. I am not teaching aside from homeschool my 16 yo at this point and am enjoying the ability to explore areas I have not in recent years.

My focus in my downtime is still writing. I have a project that involves lots of writing I am doing with my job and I am working on another non-fiction book. My next book has the tentative title "I Call Him Lord". The title is subject to change as the book comes to completion. It will be a full-length book and I pray I can get the bulk of it done in the next two months. I have researched off and on the last few years, so it is really a matter of pulling all the research together and putting it in the correct format.

Good Morning!

Once I have that book finished, I have one fiction book that at this time looks to be a stand-alone book and then another that will head a series. Both of these are WIP that has been set on the shelf for now.

Hobby-wise, I have decided to see if I can get back into crochet. I used to crochet as a child and when arthritis grasped my hands as a teen I quit. Just like cross-stitch and embroidery. I would like to return to those as well. :) I also sketch and do photography. 

Professionally, I am working on my graphic design skills. I taught desktop publishing for a few years and I want to get back at the top of my game with it. (It also helps with marketing and self-publishing.)

So that's my update for now. 


P.S. Don't forget that Advent: A Journey of Preparation is available on Amazon!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Preparing for Advent

 October 16, 2021 you can download the ebook version of Advent: A Journey of Preparation on Kindle for free. It will be available for 24 hours free.

I only ask that if you like it, order a print copy. Tell your friends about it. 😊

Get Advent: A Journey of Preparation here.

Advent: A Journey of Preparation