Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Mayhem... or not?

 Did everyone have a good weekend?

I tried to unplug over the weekend. I know that the insanity of November is quite literally just around the corner. You may ask what I mean by insanity, well of course mean National Novel Writers Month. I have participated in some way for 20 years. (Maybe 21) I haven't always won. I don't necessarily have evidence of my efforts either thanks to not learning about backing files up until too late.


Halfmoon Double Tail Betta
Anyhow, as I was saying. I tried to unplug. It was nice. Working on the organization of my office some more. (It's about time, it's been a year.) I did adopt a new pet. Those on Instagram probably saw the picture. He's beautiful. (I said I tried to unplug ;)) Still working on a name for him. The boys think Dave is a good name. I am thinking Muse. He is a Halfmoon Double Tail Betta. Isn't he beautiful?

I almost got a Stars and Stripes as well that was iridescent purple but felt that adding one would be an adjustment. Maybe after we get the routine down for taking care of this guy I will add another. Or not. We will see.

Halfmoon Double Tail Betta
The question then is why a fish? right? Did you know that the simple act of watching a fish swim around in its environment is relaxing? My goal for my office is for it to be a relaxing environment that exudes peace. Nature is peaceful for me. Worship music is peaceful for me. Meditation on scripture is peaceful for me.

What do you do to relax?

This doesn't sound like mayhem to me. For that, I am grateful as this week is starting. I am finishing this post up as I am getting ready to get my morning exercise in before I go to work. 

Remember that what you put out there will come back. As this week gets off, I pray that you find peace. Jesus is my peace, is He yours?

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