Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What is stopping your success?

Originally posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141014193759-76982850-what-is-stopping-your-success

As we pursue our professional life and seek success, a few things may hold us back. While skill set and ability may be a hindrance for some, it is not always the reason for lack of success. The biggest reason that people do not succeed is fear.

What can fear do?

Fear can stop the professional from stepping up and doing presentations.

Many can relate this to stage fright and just assume that the anxiety that is produced while being in front of peers and authority is not worth the stress. The issue at hand is, how will your peers or supervisors know what you are capable of if you do not choose to step up to the plate every once and a while.

Fear can stop the professional from talking to a supervisor and sharing their opinion.
Supervisors, managers, and directors are not all knowing. They get ideas from those they work with, including the person that sorts the mail in the mailroom. If you have an idea or opinion about the way things are handled in the work environment, communicate with the supervisor. The conversation can begin with an email and then proceed from there.

Fear can cause self-negativity in the professional.
Not only can fear cause an individual to freeze at inopportune times, fear can also create detrimental self-sabotage. Those thoughts that ask should I. Or the thoughts that question ability, I can't do that, I don't have the skills, I am stupid, nobody will like me.

Fear can cause procrastination.
Procrastination is fear's brother. I will do the task, but later.

How is fear stopped?

Action inhibits fear.
Do not let those thoughts grab a hold. Press on anyway and push through. Instead of waiting until next week to talk to the boss or to develop a presentation, do it now.

Choice can dispel fear.
We have the power of choice and should use it. Choose to succeed. Choose to call that customer. Choose to talk to the supervisor. Choose to do the presentation. Choose to go to the interview. Choose to connect with others. Choose to succeed.

This is fine, but how does one go about getting the strength to conquer the fears? Slay your dragons. Why do you have these fears? It will take some time at first to get to the root of the fear; but if your desire is to succeed, it must be done.

Make a list of your fears
Be honest with yourself. Why are you afraid to do things? Do not ignore even the smallest concern that is in the back of your mind. Write all your fears down.

Counter the fear
After making the list of fears, go through and make a list of your successes. You have made it this far, your abilities exist. Once that is done, match up the successes you have to the fears.

Attack the fear
One by one, conquer the fear. You may need a friend to help you and that is okay. Take all the fears that remain and choose to conquer them. Do you have stage fright? Do small presentations. Start with a one on one presentation. Or, jump in and try stand-up comedy. Do you have the fear of rejection? To overcome this one, the ability to be rejected has to be available. Go on job interviews, but take a class with a career services organization on how to interview. Invite people over and watch movies. Get comfortable with people. The fear of failure? The difference between success and failure is that the successful persevere. Every time you succeed at something, make a note of it. If getting places on time is an issue, strive to fix it and make note, it is a success.

Success is not just for the gifted. Anybody that can overcome fear will succeed on some level. What I see as success may not be what you see as success. However, we can all succeed.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Branding You

Originally posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140924192729-76982850-branding-you

As everyone is getting into social networking, they are creating a personal brand.

There are several important things to remember about a brand:

  1. Identity
  2. Reputation
  3. Exposure
  4. Accessibility
  5. Relatability

Each of these characteristics are vital in their own way. While one may be more visible, it does not mean the characteristic is more important.


Identity is visual recognition. This includes profile pictures, descriptions, and interests. If the individual networking across platforms is looking for continuity, then he or she must show consistency. Profile pictures, descriptions, and interests should be the same across the board on various social networks.


How an individual is perceived online holds a lot of weight in the physical world. Is the message being presented truthful? Is the message consistent? The way an individual updates statuses on their social media account matters to the connections. Are all the updates scheduled? Is there interaction or just posts? This plays into reputation because if the person behind the username is not available, then it will mar the reputation.


This one can be tricky. The brand does not want too much exposure. For a personal brand that includes not constantly posting about family issues and not posting about work problems. Online you become what you post on your statuses. On the same note, everything should not be business. Just limit your personal and private life.


Being accessible is vital. Social networks are networking. Being accessible allows networking to work. Accessibility also allows others to get to know the personal brand. In order to get to know some one, there has to be communication. In order for communication to happen, there has to be availability.


In order for people to like your personal brand, people have to be able to relate to you. Not every person that is online will like an individual or brand, and that is okay. Create your niche and connect with those that are most relatable. In time, your brand will gain more exposure.

How do you determine your identity online?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Identity, more valuable than gold

originally posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140911184435-76982850-identity-more-valuable-than-gold

As individuals open up various social media accounts, they are stretching their network and making connections. In a professional networking website, the identity portrayed on the profile can lead to amazing connections if people know who you are.

Connecting with those that were introduced in the job place, conventions, businesses, etc... is beneficial on many levels. However, if the profile is not completed there can be great difficulty finding the right person.

The question can then be, what is required on a profile?

If you are on a social network attempting to grow your network your profile HAS to have key information.

  • Professional style head shot, not a photo from a night out on the town
  • Professional name, not a cutesy username
  • Brief description of industry involved in
  • Past workplace information if you are on a website such as LinkedIn

These are just a few tips that many individuals on social networking websites can use. Emphasizing the professional style head shot, there are many people that will not connect unless there is a photo.

What do you deem as mandatory on social networking websites for a profile?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Do What You Love, right?

originally posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140807163954-76982850-do-what-you-love-right

It was a dark and stormy night, oh wait.. that belongs to Charles Schulz.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, opps... that one belongs to Charles Dickens.

An old anthem that I have held on to for the majority of my adult life has been to find a job doing what you love and everything else will fall into place.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that the old anthem I have held on to is not always true.

I love to write. Writing is a creative outlet for me and can be quite therapeutic. I am able to write in several different style and enjoy writing. I have discovered however, that my career should not be focused solely on writing.

Successful people have a hobby. They have something they enjoy doing that is not a requirement of life. That is not to say that your hobby can not supplement your career.

That said, I find it interesting with a few people I know that have hobbies closely related to their career. An accounting supervisor that relaxes with Sudoku, she still adds up those numbers. A graphic designer that does landscape photography as a hobby.

This gist of doing what you love is to have an element that you can enjoy without it being a requirement. A person may love photography and enjoy taking pictures, but once that is their career it is very possible to get burned out doing it.

Everything in life is moderation. If you want to do what you love, look for a company that will provide the career you desire and has the benefits that you need while possessing a positive work environment.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Writing, Editing, Photography, School

I am having a change in my day to day routine. This semester with school I am working as a Graduate Assistant in the Communications Department at the school I am at. I am thoroughly enjoying working with one of the top professors in the department and absorbing knowledge from his experience.

I am still writing and editing, just not to the same amount I was prior. I am still doing photography also. In fact I am doing headshots next week for students preparing their social media and resume accounts.

I am taking a few intense graduate level classes that are amazing on an education level. Integrated Corporate Communications and Web Criticism and Design right now and then Communication Law in October.

Learning my trade is always exciting. Learning from professors that know their stuff is a huge blessing.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Change is inevitable

I have been taking inventory the last few weeks. Not physical what I own inventory, but the kind of inventory where a person gains perspective.

November of 2008 I met a lady that was participating in NaNoWriMo. We had decided to meet at a quaint little shop and take a risk. Both of us were leery of other people, although she was already pursuing her dreams. We met because we were both determined to write a novel in 30 days. Through that meeting, a friendship was born. We aren't do everything together friends, but we both know we are there.

Anyhow, as we were talking and getting to know each other, I found out she was a nontraditional student and she was making her dreams happen. The more we talked and I shared my dreams with her, she started encouraging me to pursue my education that I had not had the support to do prior.

I found myself with her and my husband's encouragement apply to college in Spring 2009.

I was nervous as all beat out, but I did it. There have been ups and downs, moments that I wanted to quit even. But all because one person encouraged me, I chased my dream. It took me 9 semesters to get my BA. I stayed full time and raised my family at the same time. I even graduated with honors.

During the years as an undergraduate, I had other people pour into me that they were proud of me for going back to school and also for acknowledging the gifts I have. And now, I will be entering my second semester as a Masters candidate.

Big change from the shy country girl with low self-esteem back there in 2008.

Now, this semester I will be tackling another area I never saw myself doing. I will be a Graduate Assistant, working with one of the professors and preparing lessons and teaching lab.

All of this to say, do not limit yourself to your current situation.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gotta bring in the bacon

Sometimes, a girl has to be frank.

I need to make some money quickly. I am willing to work for it, but I need to do this now.

I am a technical writer and a photographer. I am also able to write articles and creative writing. The gist? I need to get the word out and what I have been doing is not working. I am asking my readers for help.

This weekend, from today until Sunday at 11:59pm (central) I am willing to offer a photo package at $25 for 10-15 photos on CD in a 30 minute session. You do need to purchase before June 22, 2014 at 11:59p. You do not have to have your photoshoot this weekend. Once you purchase the package I will email you and set things up. If you want the shoot this week/weekend, email me Faith(at)FaithTilleyJohnson(dot)com. I will answer you as soon as possible. Or, you can call me at (615) 852-5352 and when prompted for a name answer. If I don't answer, please leave a message. I can also receive text messages at that number.

Not interested in photographs? Is there something I can write for you? I can write proposals, resumes, and more. I can also write articles for web content and magazines. If this interests you, please email me Faith(at)FaithTilleyJohnson(dot)com.

Or, if out of the kindness of your heart you would just like to make a donation, I will graciously accept.

I am trying to get my Master's Degree while making ends meet. My youngest son has medical issues (BenjisBrokenHeart.com)  and my husband has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I would rather work for money instead of just taking it. To get a "normal" job right now it difficult since the kids are out of school. I am suppose to have something lined up once school starts. Everybody runs into hardship in their life and I am trying to make the best of it. If you have any questions, email me Faith(at)FaithTIlleyJohnson(dot)com.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pictures! Honey Moon and Close-ups.

Getting a new toy is always a fun thing. Getting a new lens for the camera is really a fun thing. Having a clear night on the night of the 'honey moon' is amazing! (I used my Canon EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Telephoto Zoom Lens.) Capturing this full moon was a trick, our tree line blocked it for some time.

On to my excitement!

I recently purchased the Canon 50mmf/1.8 lens. So far, I am quite impressed. I am hoping to use it in a session this weekend. The lens body is plastic and it takes patience to focus, but I am quite satisfied with it. I had to order a UV protection filter specially for it because it is smaller than the other lens I have.

I have taken a few pictures already with the lens and I like what I have captured. The depth of field is amazing. The lens focuses on the subject and blurs the background so the focus is where it should be.

As a photographer it is always a plus to add to my arsenal of lenses, every lens I add allows me to increase my ability for a wider range of photographs.

This first shot is of a hedge of knock out roses. I did tweak the color a little in Picasa. The photo was taken right after a rain and showed the colors very vivid. I love the focal point and the mystery that the background creates.

The next photo is moss on a willow tree. The picture has an allure to it. I am unsure if my desire to visit the mountains has overcome my senses or not, but the bark almost resembles a cliff.

After I played with capturing nature, there were these remarkable creatures in my back yard that I tested the new lens on. I think these pictures turned out well too. In my mind I am thinking, I am content with the photos taken, how much better would they have been if the subjects were prepared.

The sky was overcast and we are under the shade of the massive willow tree. This darling was playing on the swing set and I just had to capture her beauty. She is a sweetheart that keeps the boys in line. Notice how you can make out what is behind her but that it does not take over the picture? The only edit is a crop.

Next in line on the swing set is this guy. I had to make him stop for a moment because he is all over the place building and rebuilding and coming up with an obstacle course at the moment. Always busy. This picture too is taken under the willow tree with an over cast sky. The focus is on him and the trees in the background almost disappear. Just like the one prior, no edit aside from cropping.

There was one other creature outside on this day. I am not completely happy with this picture, but my happiness is because the grass is too green. It had rained and the grass was happy. I did try to calm the color down some. The picture is okay. I still like the focal point. The distortion to the background meshes too.

As I mentioned earlier, I love how the focus is on the subject and the background blurs away. The eye is drawn to where I want it to be, regardless of the junk in the background.

This last picture I am sharing was taken in the house without lights on but right by the glass french doors. There was plenty of natural light coming in. There is no editing on this picture other than a crop.

The key to the lens is lighting. And the potential for black and white photos are amazing. Needless to say I anticipate using this lens in sessions. I am in love with it.

Do you want to set up a photo shoot? Contact me Faith(at)FaithTilleyJohnson.com I am located in Dickson County, Tennessee. Depending where you are and where you would like to set up the shoot, it would not be a problem.

Like my landscapes? Would like a print? Contact me and we will see what we can work out.

Oh... The above links associated with the camera lenses are associate links to Amazon. Your cost does not change going through the links. I bought the lens on my own accord and the opinions stated above are mine and mine alone.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Every writer needs an editor and a photographer a filter... hitting home for a minute

I am an individual with a creative streak that is a mile wide. I love to write, I love to photograph, I love to draw, I love to sing, and I love to decorate.

Sounds great, right? 

It is, except for with so many variations of creativity it can be quite distracting. The different pulls on my creativity can be so distracting that I may not put forth my best on any one area. That is when there is a problem.

I have become tied up in the berating myself here lately. See, I know I can do better when the conditions are right. The problem being that the conditions are not perfect and my full expectations are not met. I am distracted.

I have learned over the years how to control my quirks so that hardly anybody will notice them. Unfortunately, here lately I have been overwhelmed. The manifestation on my mind causes me to not be able to focus.

This lack of focus can be rather interesting. For the typical person, if they are unable to focus, they may forget their keys or a grocery list. For me, it is much different. When I lose my focus, I start with forgetting where I have placed things but then it gets worse. I get grouchy and moody, depending on what the causes of my lack of focus are. Then, when I know I have to step back and take some time off, I lose my filter. Not everybody understands that term. What is a filter?

In this instance, a filter is a gatekeeper or a channel that keeps the thinking before speaking in check. When the filter shuts down, I speak before I think but I also lose the ability to see where what I say can be received harshly. The basic social aspect of communication goes out the window.

Another side effect of my lack of focus is I become oddly sensitive. Say I was to say something that was harsh and the person I said it to complained about it to somebody else. This situation would wound me. The reason? Because when I am overwhelmed, I only allow certain people around me for more than pleasantries. This is because I expect those I allow in to understand me.

Man, I realize this looks like a rather selfish post. Sorry about that. I just feel the need to explain things. In order to do so, I have to talk about me. Anyhow, about writing and photography.

With my writing... my inner editor continually second-guesses what I write and I have been unable to complete a manuscript in two years. That takes a toll. Sure, I was making excuses, like having academic papers and research papers to write while working on various projects with church and school. (I am not saying these projects were not worth doing, they just took away from my desires.) I need to be able to focus. There is a story that has been evolving in my head for years and I need to get it written.

With my photography... I am eagerly waiting for the person that I can collaborate with and we can have an amazing photo shoot. Although I look forward to working with everybody. I feel the work I have done is lacking mostly because I am facing challenges that I knew would be there if I were to pursue photography as a career. I have been burned in a couple instances and regret the way things turned out. I am still taking pictures and want to enjoy working with individuals that want their portraits taken. I know I have the skill and ability; I need to work on my marketing.

Life in general. I have forgotten that I do not have to do it all. I also forgot whom I need to please and what it is that I am suppose to be doing. 

I am primarily a writer. I need a part time job with deadlines. I am pursuing my Masters and will be working (still waiting on confirmation) at the school this fall. I would love to have photo-sessions once or twice a month to boost an income. 

Have you ever gotten lost in the chaos around you? That is where I have been. We have had crazy personal stuff go on and instead of looking to the almighty Father; I have tried to fix it myself. This of course leads to being overwhelmed and stressed. (Which I am prone to anyway.) This however is not what God wants for us. 

God wants us to be happy. He wants us to have His strength. All we have to do is call out to Him.

Blessed be the Lord, Because He has heard the voice of my supplications!
The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I will praise Him. - Psalm 28:6-7 (NKJV)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Best Friend Farewell

One of the best things about being a child is the friendships that are made. Friendships that are amazing and bring a smile to your face, even on the bad days.

One of the saddest things about being a child is when those friendships require a farewell. That day when your best friend has to move away and your world, at least for that moment, has come crashing down.

This wild, crazy, compassionate, and adorable group of boys found themselves saying good bye to each other. They became friends out of compassion and continued that friendship with crazy and wild antics that young boys are so good at.

"A friend appreciates the good in you, overlooks the worst in you, and brings out the best in you." - Anonymous

What better way to have a reminder of the good times, than to have a few candid photos?

"A farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends." - Richard Bach

 In childhood, we tend to hope that the friends that have left us will return, perhaps one day we will meet again and pick up right where we left off.

Talking about video games and Nerf wars. Sharing mine craft videos and singing our favorite songs.

Running outside and pretending an epic battle is going on, enjoying just taking a swing. All and all, having a good laugh and happy memories.

"There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart." - Mahatma Gandhi 

I have watched the ebb and flow of this friendship for the last two years. Both of our families have been made better for the heart of these two boys. While we would love to be able to cherish the moments as they grow up together, we know that their place is elsewhere. We love you guys! And we will miss you. Be blessed as your family is whole once more.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Local Upcoming Seniors, need pictures?

You need senior pictures done, right? Do you go to DCHS or CWHS? This deal is aimed at you. Pretty simple. For fifty dollars, you have me and my camera for an hour. We can discuss location and we can discuss groups. In turn, I will provide you with a disk that contains your pictures. I will also provide an authorization to print form.

Interested? Email me your name, phone number, school you attend, and possible locations for your shoot. I will then get in contact with you shortly.

Not a rising senior, but still want pictures? Contact me.

Outside of Dickson County is feasible, there will however be a travel charge.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Children's Spring Pictures

 As a photographer, we occasionally get that one individual that really does not want to cooperate with us. The key is not to expect a photo that can be placed on Vogue or whatever else magazine that you can think of. When I take photos, my desire is to capture the personality of the individual. 
This guy is absolutely adorable. He is a bundle of energy and is nothing but a walking miracle. (I may be a tad bias.)  He hates having his picture made. In fact, when it is time for school pictures he typically has a scowl on his face. The scowl is why I was blessed to take his picture, I have the time to work with the child.

 Older brother is a ham. He loves his picture taken and will pose all day long if you let him. There may be problems once he is older. He is a cute fella' and was absolutely ecstatic to be climbing trees for pictures. Of course, at 10, who wouldn't want to climb a tree? My problem was convincing him we were finished.
This guy is a veteran. He knows what pose he wants and is ready to get it done. A no-nonsense type of guy. Ready to be an adult and take on the world, but still happy to climb some trees. Like his brother, having fun is important. I enjoyed doing their shoot.

The three boys were entertaining and enjoyable. I can not wait to see them again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Photo Sessions

I still have openings if you would like to take advantage of this special. You can also purchase the package now, before April 30, 2014, and use it within six (6) months. Message me for more information!

Spring Pictures!

How has your spring been? I have been able to get a couple photo sessions in.

This post is featuring Ms. +Maryann Walker. She was looking for casual pictures that captured nature and her personality. MaryAnn is a laid back individual that loves nature. I am also happy to report that she likes them. I enjoy the opportunity that I have to do photography at the local state park. There is always a perfect backdrop for any picture that is desired. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wildlife Excursion

Today I went to Montgomery Bell State Park to a Predators to Prey exhibit they had. It was quite interesting and the animals that were featured were gorgeous.

Candycane Corn Snake
 & Corn Snake
The first presentation was the corn snake. There were two of these friendly creatures, one being a Candycane Corn Snake and the other the Corn Snake. The lighter colored of the two is the Candycane Corn Snake and is a result of captive breeding.

The Corn Snake is a nonpoisonous snake that is indigenous to corn fields. This is a type of rat snake and kills its prey with constriction.

The Corn Snake is often a beginner pet to snake and reptile lovers.

Are you interested in Corn Snakes? Check out this link. Do remember if you choose to home a Corn Snake, you need to check into your local government's laws to see if possession is legal.

The next creature that was shared with us, was the Caiman. Our presenter stressed that this fella is not the friendly type. While this guy was rather small at only about 20 inches, we were told he could do damage if he got ahold of a finger.

Caimans are from Central and South America. They can get up to about five foot in length.

For more information about this cousin to the alligator, check out this link.

Prairie Dog
The next animal that we all fell in love with was the prairie dog. We were given a lot of information about him and his family. While we were told that he is closely related to the squirrel, he lives underground and doesn't eat trees.

In the United States, prairie dogs are very beneficial to the eco-system but they were treated like pests and many were destroyed. They are indigenous to the Western United States where there are four known 'cities'.

Fr more information on the Prairie Dog, check out this link.

Eurasian Eagle Owl
The treat of the exhibit was the Eurasian Eagle Owl. One of the largest birds on the planet and a magnificent specimen. With a wingspan of five-foot, this particular owl is not quite full grown.

Eurasian Eagle Owl
Approximately twenty months old, he weighs right about five pounds. His wings are silent and he is a ninja of the skies. Look out small animals, when this fella gets hungry he is coming to get you.

As his name suggests, he is indigenous to Eurasia.

For more information about the Eurasian Eagle Owl, please check out this link.

Last but not least, we met a lovely teenager that could very well live right outside here in the South. He is known as the Bobcat. During the exhibit this fella was rather lazy and wanted to be carried around.

He looks rather large, and weighing in at 22 pounds he is the size of a medium breed dog. (We laughed because our Neko-chan is 20 pounds but he is not quite as large.)

The Bobcat is known for being elusive and nocturnal (most cats are nocturnal). He is named for his bobbed tail that is really longer than a typical bob. They are carnivores and eat small animals. This is a good reminder to not leave your small pets out and unprotected.

Evidence of Bobcats shows that they cover the majority of North America and are not picky about the environment.

For more information of this great cat, please visit this link.

I know I had fun getting to know a little more about these animals and reptiles, I hope you did too!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photo Sessions Available

I will be committing one Saturday a month to photography. This means I will be doing a monthly photo-shoot as long as there are at least 2-3 people that sign up.

The sessions will be 30 minutes and I will provide you with 15-20 digital prints on CD along with consent to print form. The cost is $50 and is to be paid in order to book the session. (i.e. If you want 2pm on Jan. 25, I need to receive payment by the 20th or arrangements need to be discussed.)

I will only be able to take a certain number of sessions each day, so if there is a specific event coming up please check with me. For January the date will be the 25th with payment due on the 20th. I know this is short notice, but it is the day I have available. Sessions will be from 11am - 4pm.

January 25th
·         11:00 -
·         12:00 -
·         1:00 -
·         2:00 -
·         3:00 -
·         4:00 -

This would be a great date for Valentine photos. Location is to be determined based on those that sign up and weather. I will have a set location by January 20th.

January won't work for you? I have February's date set for February 22nd with payment due by the 17th.

February 22nd
·         11:00 -
·         12:00 -
·         1:00 -
·         2:00 -
·         3:00 -
·         4:00 -

I will still be available for private sessions reserved on other days. This price is not effective for those. Please contact me for contracted sessions.

Ah, yes… I did hint there would be a surprise. So here it is. I will be giving away a session every month, starting in February on the Saturday shoot. All you have to do is enter to win.

How do you enter? Follow this blog and comment in below that you are doing so. (+1) "Like" me on Facebook and comment here to let me know. (+1) And you can earn up to five more entries by referring a friend, they have to say they were sent here by you.

Comments below will enter you for the February Session. Deadline is February 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Adventure!

2014 brings about change for me. I will be entering the workforce for the first time in nine years. I will also be beginning the journey to get my master’s degree in Corporate Communications.

I also have a couple of projects that I hope to work on this year and possibly publish.

This does not mean that I will be ignoring my photography. I want to develop that aspect of my creative side also.

I anticipate delving into writing a lot more. I believe it will be more so the professional aspect. I am able to develop many professional documents and I hope to finally finish my novel that has been getting pushed back the last couple years.

I for one am excited about 2014 and cannot wait to get it under way!