Friday, February 3, 2023

I Can Do All Things ...

 Ahhh... yes. 

Have you ever found yourself in that thought pattern? You know the "I can do ALL the things" or even "the Bible says I can do all things so I can do this".

photo of ice covered logs

Both of these scenarios can set you up for failure.

The perception that you can do ALL the things just is not very feasible. I do know a few people that think they can and it usually results in manic episodes where they attempt to do all the things and then they are utterly blasted for some time. It is just not healthy. Balance is needed in order to be consistent, thus in order to do ALL the things. 

The assumption that we have the ability to do all things simply because the bible says so is short-sighted. Let's actually look at scripture.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)

As the verse states, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This indicates that we must rely on the strength that comes from Christ himself. One could also make the assumption that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me that brings him glory. Our purpose as Christ's followers is not only to bring in others to the fold but also to reflect the Father. 

Yes, God will give us strength to overcome challenges that will in turn shine back on Him. 

  • Had a horrible car wreck in 2011 but EVERYBODY survived. Miraculously, the impact the vehicles had was horrendous, if the impact had shifted mere inches we all could have been killed. Instead, we survived and we give glory to God for His physical strength for maneuvering the vehicle and the mental/emotional strength to handle the aftermath.
  • Raising a child with congenital heart defects along with other chronic conditions. Christ's strength is fluid and freely given to face daily challenges.
  • the list can continue on and on.
I am not chastizing anybody for having a go-get-them attitude. Hey, sometimes that is the only thing that can get you out of bed in the morning. Just be honest with yourself.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Whew... that was crazy.

I feel like the last three months took on a life of their own. I'm not even sure where to begin.

Monday Check-In

We've had a lot going on. So I will be upfront, honest, and frank. My plans this year were to get at least the final draft of I Call Him Lord completed, the final draft of As It Comes Together, and a series outline for the Kamana Women. I am not there. I am sad about it, but I am working on them when I can focus.

Right at the beginning of summer, our family was struck with mortality. My mother ended up in the ER with what we thought was dehydration and possibly an infection from poison ivy. While she was dehydrated, there was not a serious issue with poison ivy. It was worse.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer. 

This was not cancer that we were familiar with, it is Acute myeloid leukemia (AML). My family and my brothers' families were shaken. Mom is the rock of our clan. There have been moments of grief, denial, anger, and grace. Not necessarily in that order. She is doing well. The chemo is doing its job and she's doing amazingly well with virtually no side effects.

I can do all thing through CHRIST who strengthens me.

 Fighting back with her faith and against her diagnosis, she was looking for sunflowers and wanted to combine them with Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So, I made her a logo. The sunflower is a symbol of leukemia and it is also one of her favorite flowers. Her kitchen has a sunflower border and curtains. I was fiddling with a design program I had from back when I taught desktop publishing and came up with something she loved. (It is now available in an Etsy shop.)

Mom fighting AML is enough. But about the same time, our youngest Benj started having new issues beyond the chronic pain and his heart issues. We had some pretty significant tests done to find out that either they are part of long-covid (poor boy has had it twice, if not three times) or he now has an autoimmune issue we will be dealing with. We may struggle, but we believe God

As you see, all of this can distract the creating muse. Especially if you include that I have a full-time job outside the home.

But wait... there's more.

Hubby was apparently feeling neglected. He developed a sinus infection that was affecting his ear and after some prodding, went to the doctor. The doctor gave meds for the ear and sent him to a sleep doctor and a cardiologist. Long story shorter... his sleep apnea was not being controlled by his CPAP any longer and needed a new machine. That is since been taken care of. That leaves the cardiologist.

The first step was a calcification test and an echocardiogram because of family history and blood pressure. The echo came back beautiful. The calcification test indicated high plaque in the arteries. The local cardiologist had a stress test and EKG done in the office. The EKG was fairly normal while the stress test indicated a severe abnormality. Our local doctor sent us to Nashville. 

The Nashville doctor agreed that an arteriogram and most likely stents were needed. And, it needed to be done as soon as possible. Thus, we got it scheduled and went forth.

At this stage, I had no choice but to trust God. I KNEW the boys and I would be taken care of if we lost him. I KNEW God would make a way if he had to go on disability or quit his job. The problem I was having is adjusting to change. There is so much other stuff going on and so many changes elsewhere I was/am having a difficult time compartmentalizing. I am an individual that needs things to be controlled or I get anxious.

We prayed. We had our church pray. We had our friends and family pray. We prayed and prayed.

Meanwhile, the chest pains were bothersome, the shortness of breath was a problem, and the heart flutters were annoying. We got to the hospital on the morning of the 20th and prepared. The doctor confirmed that they would go in, take a look with the arteriogram and then put stents in where there were blockages. Hubby was taken back.


The doctor comes out and tells me hubby is fine. No blockages, no abnormalities, no indication of ANY issues. The pressures in his heart and arteries are perfect.

The only issue was his shoulder was slightly wrenched from how his arm had to be for the cath. (They went through his wrist.)



Our prayer now is for good health to continue for ALL of us and that I will be able to get my writing projects done.

Here is to a HEALTHY 2023.