Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Singing Your Own Praise

I ran across this scripture the other day. I feel led to share it merely for what it says.

Proverbs 27:2 HCSB - Let another praise you, and not your own mouth- a stranger, and not your own lips.

As a writer that is attempting to be independent, it is very easy to have egotistical thoughts and to praise myself. This can be a curse of social marketing your own brand. While the reason I found the scripture was not to keep myself grounded, it is why the Lord let me find it. I love how the Lord does that.

In my life there have been times that I have been asked why I am not published already and my reaction is dependent on how I am feeling that specific day but it falls in one of two categories: a) elated, on top of the world, head swollen, egotistical, best darn writer this side of the moon. b) I STINK, I cannot write, I am horrible, etc, etc, etc.

Fact is neither of those two categories is correct. For the fact that I can write a sentence or even a paragraph with proper grammar and minimal mistakes, I would say verifies that I am at least a notch above horrible. (Yes, you can laugh, sneer, gag, whatever.) The other side of the coin is that there is always room for improvement, which proves the other category erroneous too.

Thus, we run into balance. Yin and Yan, black and white, yes and no, good and bad, balance. Also reminds me as a writer that in order to write, I have to read. That sounds like another post.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket a pretty little Snippet? huh? LOL

Okay, so rhymes may not be the best way to get attention.

On the Facebook Page, a week or so ago I asked if my friends/fans would be interested in a one shot/short story off of an old manuscript. There was some interest. So I have been working on one.

It is not a lot but it gives you a little introduction. I have toyed with putting it on here or not, but I think with what I am going to share it will be okay. TO give a little bit of lead in... we come in as the protagonist is returning to her childhood home after being gone for several years. It is an unexpected return.

The mountain scene before them was one that Chenoa would never tire. The rolling blue mountain tops with the burning sky behind them soften by the haze that danced in and out between each ridge.
This journey home was different. Today had an ominous presence about it that she could not place.
"Penny for your thoughts?"
Chenoa looked over to the intruding voice, she had almost forgotten he was even there. "I'm sorry, guess I was just thinking about that letter."

There will definitely be more to come, as I am continuously working on it between moments of being a mom and a wife. Let me know how you like it. Do you like it? I know there is not much there, but for an introduction, does it grab you? Are you like me and wondering what was in the letter?

Talk to me, I love interaction.

Friday, June 15, 2012

REVIEW: Illusion by Frank Peretti

IllusionIllusion by Frank Peretti

Review by Faith Tilley Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book overall. That said, it was not what I expected from Mr. Peretti. Mind you, I became a fan of his with "This Present Darkness", "Piercing The Darkness" and "The Oath".

Illusion is a love story. A beautiful one at that.

There is some hard reading in parts, but I believe that is more of an issue with Mr. Peretti wanting to make sure the description is "just so" or that the reader has a specific understanding. I myself like to let my imagination flow and picture things so when I get to those parts I skim if I can. (I am being honest here, and there was very little of that)

I liked the creativity of the plot line and the resolution. It made for an intriguing story that was hard to put down. I even teared up when I got to the end of the book and realized it was over.

Magician Dane Collins loses the love of his life in a horrific auto accident and barely knows which way is up after he is discharged from the hospital. He finds himself closing on the property that the couple were planning to buy in Idaho and is merely going through the motions of daily living. That is, until he meets a young woman in a shopping strip who's voice and mannerisms remind him of his precious Mandy. It is not just Dane that is trying to figure out his feelings and understand what is going on, this young woman herself is a mystery. The young woman is herself misplaced out of time from the 70s and has found herself in "present day" (2010 in the book).

As the two are drawn together and Dane can just not get past the fact that this young woman strangely resembles a young Mandy, the mystery begins to unfold as questions are asked and the story unfolds.

I do miss the entwined biblical message in the book as I have grown accustom to from Mr. Peretti, but that does not distract from the writing and story.

Mr. Peretti has spun a tale that grabs the romantic at heart and also those that love a good mystery.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Write Daily

There is a common prescription by many who write that you must write daily. I used to scoff at this. The reason I would scoff is because I was already writing something daily at that time and could not imagine dedicating an hour or two to concentrate on more writing.

And then things changed.

And I stopped writing for enjoyment.

Now, my creative muse does not like to come out and play. Now, I find it difficult to write just to write daily. I have lost my edge when it comes to writing, I believe.  Since I went back to school, my writing has turned to academic and while I enjoy the research that goes into it, my true enjoyment has diminished.

This of course requires a change.

In order for change to occur, there must be inspiration and motivation. This is where my struggle resides. While I am in school I have dedicated my energy to academics. For some this may be a non-issue, for myself this has become a hurdle that must be overcome.

So I am challenging myself over my summer break to WRITE DAILY. This should not be too difficult for me as I am in the process of relaunching a website that is in desperate need of content and edits. However, I need to work on creative writing also. I hope to update about once a week with how I am progressing with writing daily.

Do you have tips or tricks to keep yourself writing daily?