Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket a pretty little Snippet? huh? LOL

Okay, so rhymes may not be the best way to get attention.

On the Facebook Page, a week or so ago I asked if my friends/fans would be interested in a one shot/short story off of an old manuscript. There was some interest. So I have been working on one.

It is not a lot but it gives you a little introduction. I have toyed with putting it on here or not, but I think with what I am going to share it will be okay. TO give a little bit of lead in... we come in as the protagonist is returning to her childhood home after being gone for several years. It is an unexpected return.

The mountain scene before them was one that Chenoa would never tire. The rolling blue mountain tops with the burning sky behind them soften by the haze that danced in and out between each ridge.
This journey home was different. Today had an ominous presence about it that she could not place.
"Penny for your thoughts?"
Chenoa looked over to the intruding voice, she had almost forgotten he was even there. "I'm sorry, guess I was just thinking about that letter."

There will definitely be more to come, as I am continuously working on it between moments of being a mom and a wife. Let me know how you like it. Do you like it? I know there is not much there, but for an introduction, does it grab you? Are you like me and wondering what was in the letter?

Talk to me, I love interaction.


  1. *tilts head* The letter is intriguing and as an intro paragraph, it holds up well. I'd read it if you write it.

    1. I fully intend to write it. Chenoa has been in my head way to long not to write it.