Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is the point?

Through different phases in life, there will be mentors, teachers, speakers, pastors, or even friends that will ask a question that we all need to ask ourselves.

What is your why?

At first, you may wonder what kind of question is that. What do you mean, what is your why?

In order to understand the question, a definition of why needs to be presented. For the purpose of this question, why is essentially your motivation or your purpose. The reason you are doing what you are doing. The goal that you are working towards. Your endgame.

Some people have meditated and thought about it, possibly even participated in a workshop, to discover what their why is.

As I have sat down and meditated for myself, I try to go step by step. First, I think about where do I want to be and what do I want to be doing in a month. (I know, we all want to be rich and vacationing on a deserted island while be waited on hand and foot.) Seriously, in one month where do you want to be? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so on…

After I focus on a realistic outlook for a month, I do the same for a year, then 5 years, and so on.

The point of determining where you want to be is for you to have a goal.

In a month, I want to have the novel I am working on fully written and in the process of editing. This leads to my desire to be a professional author. (I am already an author as I do have a short eBook published.) For me, my endgame is to be able to live adequately from my earnings as an author. Sure, I may do crafts and continue to do photography, bu the focus of my endgame is writing.

How did I work through my why?

I have always enjoyed writing. I haven written poems, story shorts, plays, and so on. (I even enjoy writing academic papers when the topic is my forte.)  The jobs I have had through my adult life, even if they were not directly related to writing, I found a way. Worked at a large discount store and found ways to write stories about regular customers, co-workers, and that one person that will stand out every once and a while. Writing was my destresser. Now, I teach in Communication Arts. Let me tell you, I do a lot of writing.e ame is to ub og.orkyou are doing. on, I write lesson plans, I write presentations, I write examples, I write things I never knew I would need to write. (Sorry, I happened to get a little carried away there.)

So, my why

My why or motivation, or purpose, is to be the best writer I can be. In order to get there, I will have to have set goals and deadlines. I can’t wait until I am 90 to start writing, I have to start now.
I am doing what I am doing today so that I can be a successful writer in the future that can live a simple but abundant life.