Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What is stopping your success?

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As we pursue our professional life and seek success, a few things may hold us back. While skill set and ability may be a hindrance for some, it is not always the reason for lack of success. The biggest reason that people do not succeed is fear.

What can fear do?

Fear can stop the professional from stepping up and doing presentations.

Many can relate this to stage fright and just assume that the anxiety that is produced while being in front of peers and authority is not worth the stress. The issue at hand is, how will your peers or supervisors know what you are capable of if you do not choose to step up to the plate every once and a while.

Fear can stop the professional from talking to a supervisor and sharing their opinion.
Supervisors, managers, and directors are not all knowing. They get ideas from those they work with, including the person that sorts the mail in the mailroom. If you have an idea or opinion about the way things are handled in the work environment, communicate with the supervisor. The conversation can begin with an email and then proceed from there.

Fear can cause self-negativity in the professional.
Not only can fear cause an individual to freeze at inopportune times, fear can also create detrimental self-sabotage. Those thoughts that ask should I. Or the thoughts that question ability, I can't do that, I don't have the skills, I am stupid, nobody will like me.

Fear can cause procrastination.
Procrastination is fear's brother. I will do the task, but later.

How is fear stopped?

Action inhibits fear.
Do not let those thoughts grab a hold. Press on anyway and push through. Instead of waiting until next week to talk to the boss or to develop a presentation, do it now.

Choice can dispel fear.
We have the power of choice and should use it. Choose to succeed. Choose to call that customer. Choose to talk to the supervisor. Choose to do the presentation. Choose to go to the interview. Choose to connect with others. Choose to succeed.

This is fine, but how does one go about getting the strength to conquer the fears? Slay your dragons. Why do you have these fears? It will take some time at first to get to the root of the fear; but if your desire is to succeed, it must be done.

Make a list of your fears
Be honest with yourself. Why are you afraid to do things? Do not ignore even the smallest concern that is in the back of your mind. Write all your fears down.

Counter the fear
After making the list of fears, go through and make a list of your successes. You have made it this far, your abilities exist. Once that is done, match up the successes you have to the fears.

Attack the fear
One by one, conquer the fear. You may need a friend to help you and that is okay. Take all the fears that remain and choose to conquer them. Do you have stage fright? Do small presentations. Start with a one on one presentation. Or, jump in and try stand-up comedy. Do you have the fear of rejection? To overcome this one, the ability to be rejected has to be available. Go on job interviews, but take a class with a career services organization on how to interview. Invite people over and watch movies. Get comfortable with people. The fear of failure? The difference between success and failure is that the successful persevere. Every time you succeed at something, make a note of it. If getting places on time is an issue, strive to fix it and make note, it is a success.

Success is not just for the gifted. Anybody that can overcome fear will succeed on some level. What I see as success may not be what you see as success. However, we can all succeed.

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