Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Identity, more valuable than gold

originally posted on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140911184435-76982850-identity-more-valuable-than-gold

As individuals open up various social media accounts, they are stretching their network and making connections. In a professional networking website, the identity portrayed on the profile can lead to amazing connections if people know who you are.

Connecting with those that were introduced in the job place, conventions, businesses, etc... is beneficial on many levels. However, if the profile is not completed there can be great difficulty finding the right person.

The question can then be, what is required on a profile?

If you are on a social network attempting to grow your network your profile HAS to have key information.

  • Professional style head shot, not a photo from a night out on the town
  • Professional name, not a cutesy username
  • Brief description of industry involved in
  • Past workplace information if you are on a website such as LinkedIn

These are just a few tips that many individuals on social networking websites can use. Emphasizing the professional style head shot, there are many people that will not connect unless there is a photo.

What do you deem as mandatory on social networking websites for a profile?

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