Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pictures! Honey Moon and Close-ups.

Getting a new toy is always a fun thing. Getting a new lens for the camera is really a fun thing. Having a clear night on the night of the 'honey moon' is amazing! (I used my Canon EFS 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Telephoto Zoom Lens.) Capturing this full moon was a trick, our tree line blocked it for some time.

On to my excitement!

I recently purchased the Canon 50mmf/1.8 lens. So far, I am quite impressed. I am hoping to use it in a session this weekend. The lens body is plastic and it takes patience to focus, but I am quite satisfied with it. I had to order a UV protection filter specially for it because it is smaller than the other lens I have.

I have taken a few pictures already with the lens and I like what I have captured. The depth of field is amazing. The lens focuses on the subject and blurs the background so the focus is where it should be.

As a photographer it is always a plus to add to my arsenal of lenses, every lens I add allows me to increase my ability for a wider range of photographs.

This first shot is of a hedge of knock out roses. I did tweak the color a little in Picasa. The photo was taken right after a rain and showed the colors very vivid. I love the focal point and the mystery that the background creates.

The next photo is moss on a willow tree. The picture has an allure to it. I am unsure if my desire to visit the mountains has overcome my senses or not, but the bark almost resembles a cliff.

After I played with capturing nature, there were these remarkable creatures in my back yard that I tested the new lens on. I think these pictures turned out well too. In my mind I am thinking, I am content with the photos taken, how much better would they have been if the subjects were prepared.

The sky was overcast and we are under the shade of the massive willow tree. This darling was playing on the swing set and I just had to capture her beauty. She is a sweetheart that keeps the boys in line. Notice how you can make out what is behind her but that it does not take over the picture? The only edit is a crop.

Next in line on the swing set is this guy. I had to make him stop for a moment because he is all over the place building and rebuilding and coming up with an obstacle course at the moment. Always busy. This picture too is taken under the willow tree with an over cast sky. The focus is on him and the trees in the background almost disappear. Just like the one prior, no edit aside from cropping.

There was one other creature outside on this day. I am not completely happy with this picture, but my happiness is because the grass is too green. It had rained and the grass was happy. I did try to calm the color down some. The picture is okay. I still like the focal point. The distortion to the background meshes too.

As I mentioned earlier, I love how the focus is on the subject and the background blurs away. The eye is drawn to where I want it to be, regardless of the junk in the background.

This last picture I am sharing was taken in the house without lights on but right by the glass french doors. There was plenty of natural light coming in. There is no editing on this picture other than a crop.

The key to the lens is lighting. And the potential for black and white photos are amazing. Needless to say I anticipate using this lens in sessions. I am in love with it.

Do you want to set up a photo shoot? Contact me Faith(at) I am located in Dickson County, Tennessee. Depending where you are and where you would like to set up the shoot, it would not be a problem.

Like my landscapes? Would like a print? Contact me and we will see what we can work out.

Oh... The above links associated with the camera lenses are associate links to Amazon. Your cost does not change going through the links. I bought the lens on my own accord and the opinions stated above are mine and mine alone.

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