Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Tribute In Memory

Sometimes you have that person in your life that inspires you to be great. On occasion, you are related to that person.

Rarely does that person have a major impact in your life and you only remember meeting them once when you were a teen and there not being a whole lot of interaction between you.

This would be my cousin.

She has inspired me to be me for a while. My mom and her mom used to joke about how she was my mom's child and I was my aunt's, in reality I think our personalities were not that much different. My cousin studied film and photography. She was a graphic designer long before it was the cool thing to do.

She was an advocate for her children, which I find myself becoming.  One of her children and one of mine have very similar health concerns; she shared a lot with me so that unlike her, I am not starting from scratch and clueless.

My cousin was a fighter.

She never took no for an answer. Even when it was the only answer. I love my cousin and right now, my heart is breaking for her family and her sisters.

See, my cousin fought breast cancer for 4.5 years.

Her fight is over.

(Withholding name to honor privacy wishes.)

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