Saturday, September 9, 2017

There is a Time for Every Season

Life brings about changes, some of those changes are good and some not so much.

Life has brought me to a part time teaching job at the college level that I enjoy. Life has also brought awareness to issues that have to be addressed. (My youngest is medically fragile.)

In light of life... I am changing some things around. I still do photography, but now it will be referral only. My free time is mostly in the evening and since I don't have a studio, it is best. I do enjoy doing on location shoots and if you are one of my past clients or are referred by one of them, I will see what we can work out. I know I will be at UT of M in October for a senior shoot.

Please do not misunderstand, I love photography as much today as I did 5 years ago. Just have priorities that have to be organized. It would be amazing to be in a position where I could please my artistic desires without worry about anything else.

I am focusing more on my writing and have three works in progress. (I may have focus issues.) #LunarEclipse and #Unkown are the two I am sharing info about as I write on Twitter. Writing is my first love and being able to write again is amazing.

Lunar Eclipse is fantasy romance that has a sci-fi feel being that it does not happen on Earth. As can be guessed it is focused on the moon. That is all I will share at this point.  Although, once it is ready there may be past fans of my rpg days that recognize some character personalities.

Unknown is very much on the sci-fi side. I am unsure how to explain it other than the below screen capture.

There is a time for every season. Right now, I am limiting some of my adventures to be better at what I do. My writing is top priority after my family and work. It just works out better right now. Maybe in a few months or a year things will change again. Right now just going with the flow. (This hopefully also means I will be blogging more.)