Monday, September 26, 2022

Monday Check-In

 Have you ever had something you enjoyed but maybe were not amazing at it? Or maybe there was something that you used to do and because of life stopped doing.

Back at least ten years ago, there was this video blog group that I was connected to. It was fun. Members of the group would submit questions and we would all do a vlog answering the questions. Real people being real with everyone else. 

With that said, I enjoy getting to know those that have started following me for content and those that have read what I have written. I know I do not have a lot published right now, but it is growing. :)


- would you be interested in hearing from me once a week? (most likely posting the vlog on Mondays)

- would you like to submit questions about projects I am working on?

- do you think it would be a waste of internet space?

- what would you like to see?

I'm thinking I just might do this but on my Patreon page.

Monday Check-In with Faith Tilley Johnson

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