Monday, October 24, 2022

Monday Check-In - October 24, 2022

 So, I'm not doing a video today. Sorry. 

I have been thinking lately. (I know, scary thought.) 

These thoughts I suppose follow a "meaning of life" train of thought. Sort of.

Realizing that there are many different personalities and that not everyone is compatible makes great story fodder. It also can help those that are sensitive to the differences adapt when dealing with the incompatible. Some of us get it, and some of us don't.

Growing up in a house where sarcasm ran wild built a thick skin, but it also makes it difficult to be sensitive when needed. Why is this?

Aside from great story fodder... (as long as there is some sensitivity to what is written.)

TLDR ... if we were all the same where would the fun in life be?

It's not that the thought has not been explored before, I mean it has. A lot.

Every single one of us is a piece of a huge puzzle that becomes whole. Some of us are edge pieces and hang on as things go on. Others are in the center, sort of the glue that holds them together. Some of us have arms to grab our neighbor others have a slot for the arm to fit. We are different.

Then we get into the hard stuff. How we perceive ourselves vs how others perceive us. This perception can be close to or opposite to reality. The individual that has social anxiety and occasionally difficulty in communicating, or the person that has no problem communicating and is an extrovert that makes the first one nervous. The balance of the two personalities can be beneficial and may be why they exist. Or they can clash and be an issue.

My current thought is that every single person/individual that you have an interaction with is there for a reason. Maybe it is the cashier at the grocery store or the postal carrier, perhaps the person on the highway that cut you off. Every single individual has a purpose to make you who you are. 

Some people have the advantage of having an easier life than others, but then they don't learn the same lessons that people with hardship do. What it comes down to is that our personalities are built based on our experiences, not just our genetic makeup. 

Anyhow, I feel I have rambled and may come back to this another day.

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