Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Fresh Start

The new year has begun and reflections on the last year have challenged me. Things have not gone as well as I have hoped for them to go, yet they have gone better than I expected in some areas.

Lazy Neko-chan
This year will be my last in college if all goes well in pursuit of the bachelor's degree. I have had doubts about my degree as of late concerning a job and have decided that I need to focus on building my portfolio. Graduation should be the middle of December. This is significant for me as the number three appears to have a role in dates and graduating in 2013 aligns with that.

I am determined that while completing my degree and building the portfolio that I will keep my chin lifted high. I will not let low self esteem keep me down, and I will make networking connections. (yep, talking about you!) I will make and reconnect online and in person. And unlike Neko-chan, I will not be lying around.

My biggest goal? That would be to get the first book I wrote edited and reviewed by trusted peers this summer. I am tired of waiting for the 'right' time.

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