Saturday, January 11, 2020

2020 ... A New Chapter

This is not your "oh hey! It's a new year so I am going to make all kinds of promises" post.

This is a reality post.

This past year has involved a lot of changes. Most I am embracing. A couple I wish didn't have to happen.

I have discovered a few things about myself. Mainly that I can stand up for myself and I don't have to just go with the flow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with following dreams.

a dream is a wish your heart makes

Perhaps the romantic in me, I believe that a dream is a wish your heart makes. I also believe that "Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps. 37:4)"

I am not partnering up scripture and Disney. Just seeing a pattern and embracing it.

My dream for most of my life is to write books. Ultimately that was my motivation behind going to college. (That got confusing for a few years.)

I was shifted off track because like most starving artists, I felt that I needed to be bringing money into the home and not leaving everything on my husband.

But now.


I am the Library Director at the rural library in my town servicing a population of roughly 3600. It is part time at the moment. I am also teaching a couple courses online for my alma mater.  As I am getting things organized and proficient, I will have room to pursue my dream.

I am not promising myself that I will write. I am not promising you that I will write. I AM being deliberate in my actions.

The main thing most writers will tell you is that in order to write well, you have to read. So, I have upped my reading challenge to 50 books this year. That is double of what was last year.

I am also hoping to get some writing workshops going at my library. It may just be me, but it is deliberate thinking.

As for the other stuff going on? Eh... it doesn't really belong on the internet. Plus, I might use it to spice up a novel and I wouldn't want to be accused of just writing about myself. :D

Expect to see book reviews.

Expect to see some landscape photography.

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