Friday, January 24, 2020

Review: A Single Light by Tosca Lee

Last year the first of this series came out, The Line Between, and I thoroughly was enraptured by it. I am a fan of Tosca Lee and this series is not a disappointment.

A Single Light: A Thriller (The Line Between Book 2)A Single Light picks up right where The Line Between leaves off.

The writing is detailed and researched out. There is detail that one may not of realized needed to be there but after reading, you couldn't imagine it any other way. This Thriller, keeps you on your toes. There is suspense that builds and sometimes it surprises you. The kicker? Since this series has been published, there have been science based articles concerning similar events.


Wynter Roth once again finds herself struggling to survive.

There are spoilers after this line, please keep that in mind. I am not trying to spoil this series at all, but frankly if you have not read the first book stop reading now.

The group of 63 people are in the silo. As one can imagine after living together for any matter of time, tension can mount and boy does it. 

Is Wynter in danger with these strangers?

Will she make it to "opening day"?

How many will they lose while locked in?

What will they find once they get out?

These are all important questions that Wynter and the others ask themselves.

Is the virus gone? Are there people? What happened to ____?

This sequel is equally as captivating and a complete thrill in following Wynter's further journey in trying to save humanity. There is loss and there is reunion. This book will make you cry. I honestly do not know how to give a better review without giving away the ending. 

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