Monday, November 8, 2021

Magnificent Monday! not to be confused with Maleficent 😁

 And before anybody else says it, my 16yo has made sure I am aware that my funny bone is not funny. 😉

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This past week has been hectic. I am not sure I can even pinpoint why. Perhaps because it is November. 🤣

At the time of writing, I am just past 12,000 words with Nanowrimo. I ended up working on two projects because I got stuck. I learned in the past to always be willing to back up and punt. While this will definitely push back publishing "I Call Him Lord", I am still writing and working on projects. I will publish something in 2022. 😉

Currently, I am working on making sure to have dedicated time to writing. Being consistent with what you are doing is very important. I strive to write at least an hour a day. That is not a lot when you think about it.  

Depending on the day, I get up and spend some time in meditation. For me, that is focusing on God and reading scripture. Then I have coffee with my husband as he is getting ready for work. Then I try to get some exercise in. This does depend on the day. I was up to 3 miles every morning until I twisted my ankle. 😭 Since then I have tried to at least do a video workout a couple times a week. After that, I either go to work or start writing. On days I work I get my writing in at night.

Anyway, aside from writing and recovering my ankle I have been re-reading an old favorite. The Emerald Ballad Series by B.J. Hoff. I am on Book One, Song of the Silent Harp. It's funny because I first read it thirty years ago (literally the original publication was in 1991). What we remember when we read I believe is determined by what stage of life we are in. As a teen reading the series I didn't remember the potato famine and the horrors that were described in 1847, I remembered the love story that is not as blatant. Now as I read I have a different perspective and it leaves me in a different place.

You might be asking how can I write and read at the same time? It can get tricky. I normally will only read fiction if I am writing non-fiction. Normally. Right now, what I am writing versus what I am reading is not related. I am reading Historical Fiction and writing Fantasy Fiction in addition to Non-Fiction. There is a line though. You have to be very careful about maintaining your voice and your character's voice. My main character in the fiction I am writing has a very definitive voice, I doubt she could be affected. 🤣🤣

So, have a Magnificent Monday. Those writing I pray you meet all of your goals and then some. 

Much love!

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