Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Woah... where did Monday go? 🤯

What day is it?
When the weekend gets a way from you and Monday disappears. Anybody else have that happen? 

(I can relate to Grogu so well in this meme that I found on google images.)

Anyhow... why did I lose track of time? What was it that has kept me so very busy that I lost a Monday of all things? 

I have been working. Sadly not on my books. But working nonetheless. I am unsure if you all are aware but the Holiday season is knocking on the door. Seriously, Thanksgiving is November 25th, Advent and Hanukkah both start November 28th, St. Nicholas Day is December 6th, Christmas is December 25th, and there are a lot of other days in the mix that people hold dear to their family or religious tradition.

So, I have picked up a second job to help. This weekend is when I started the job and as you can imagine, it wore me out. Hopefully in the next week or so my body will adjust and all will be well. 😄

Meanwhile, does having two part time jobs hinder my writing? Yes, and no. Am I actually typing things down and getting my word count? No, but the creative process is still flowing and I am taking notes on ideas and such. Then when I have downtime, I write. Plus, I am still working on the big project for my primary job that involves lots of writing. I really hope to get it finished soon so it will be behind me as well. 😉

Now then.

I have two books that I am part of that is available for sale. 😊

For the Anthology we will be having a "kickoff" for the book this weekend. You can find out all kinds of information about the Whitstead community in Whitstead Events on Facebook.

Have you read anything that I have worked on? Please let me know. I love comments here and also reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Let your friends know that you love what you've read. 😁

I am an affiliate of Amazon.com and the links to purchase the books listed will generate a small commission for me. Thank you.

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